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Gold Azabu Dental Clinic

Painless Sleeping Dental Treatment

Do you like going to a dentist?
In most settings, dental treatments are painful. In addition, some dental procedures, such as root canal treatment, require more than twice or three times clinic visiting per week.
If you were busy with child-rearing, or dealing with work, you might give up to treatment even though you want to go to a dental clinic.

In this case, Gold Azabu Dental Clinic can help you !
We would offer you “Painless Sleeping Dental Treatment” as a solution. Once you fell in asleep, the doctor treats as many teeth as possible.
You can save your time, and get beautiful smile !

Of course, we olso offer regular dental treatment.
Please inquire if you are worried about tooth decay, periodontal disease, ortodontic(braces), and aesthetic treatment.

The 3Points of Gold Azabu Dental Clinic

Painless Sleeping Dental Treatment

advantage A
Long treatment time , An hour and half is standard. (normal reatment is about 15 minutes to 30 miniutes)
advantage B
Reducing the number of visiting the dental clinic (about once or twice per month)

Compared to conventional clinics, our treatment time is long. I can treat your multiple teeth for each visits. Thus, you don’t have to visit clinic many of times.

Visiting Clinic by TAXI

First time patient can use Taxi from the nearest station(shirokane-takanawa , azabu-juban , hiroo) to our clinic.
If you want use a taxi , please inform us beforehand through E-mail (when you use our online-appointment page.).
Please bring receipt and hand in to the clinic reception.

Nursery Teacher (clinic’s resident)

When you come our clinic with your child, our nursery teacher can look after your kids.
One-to-one nursery is possible, because of appointment control.

Message from the Hospital Director

Doctor Motoki Kawabuchi
Hi! My name is
Motoki Kawabuchi.

Thank you for your time and interest in visiting our page.

Tooth care is indispensable for all people.
It is connected to meal, conversation, business, and also deeply involves the impression.
Please leave to the dentist what you can not cover with your own care.
Unfortunately, many Japanese tend to neglect the maintenance of teeth.
However, it seems that many people regret that they should have been well maintained in their younger days.
Let 's protect your dental health firmly so that there is nothing to be troubled after 10-20 years from now.

My policy is to protect your oral health.
There are many ways to protect your oral helth.
Let’s find a way to suit you.

Motoki Kawabuchi D.D.S

Office information

Clinic name Gold Azabu Dental Clinic
Doctor Motoki Kawabuchi D.D.S
Address 12F BCityTower AZABUTOKYO, 3-21-17, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047, Japan
Telephone No. 03-6432-5845
Service Esthetic dentistry , Painless Sleeping denntal therapy , Implant , Intravenous VitaminC , Braces(Invisalign)

Japanese National health insurance, private health insurance are available.